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Job enables you to identify the behavioural requirements of a job that will help you recruit the right teachers into the right roles, identify development needs, restructure roles and redeploy talent.

OverviewThe Science

Assess: Behaviour
Type: Ipsative psychometric assessment
Time: 20 minutes

Qualifications and past experience can only tell you so much about how well someone will 'fit' within your organisation. Job profiling can help you identify the people who not only have the skill set to perform a role, but who will do so in a way that best meets the needs of your organisation.

If you have a staff member who requires development, or who doesn’t seem to be performing, job profiling can help you to understand if there is a mismatch between the role and their working style. With this knowledge, you can precisely target development interventions, reshape the job role, or redeploy the individual to a role where they can take advantage of their strengths.


Use Job to:

  • Hire new staff
  • Identify staff for promotion
  • Create development plans
  • Reshape job roles
  • Understand the causes of underperformance

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Thomas Job enables you to identify the behavioural requirements of the job you are recruiting for. Used in conjunction with the PPA, Thomas Job enables you to match the ideal behaviours for the job with the behavioural profile of your candidates and employees, using a 'goodness of fit' scale. For more information about the science behind the PPA, please click here and select 'the science' tab.