Empowering individuals through coaching

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Within the context of an organisation, coaching is a development method to help an individual successfully meet business objectives. These may be personal development challenges, or key performance objectives related to the wider organisation.

Channelled through a series of focused business conversations, individuals are empowered to come up with their own set of options and actions to enable them to move towards achieving their goal(s). It is a formal arrangement, usually with an agreed timeframe, using specific frameworks (such as GROW) to achieve the desired goal, and may be thought of as ‘teaching a man to fish, rather than providing him with food’.

In our latest whitepaper, Alex Bradshaw, Client Development Manager at Thomas International and qualified business coach looks at how implementing effective coaching can empower individuals to achieve both career and organisational goals.

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Amir Qureshi

Amir Qureshi

As CEO of Thomas International, Amir is passionate about working with leaders, entrepreneurs and people managers, helping them to make the best of their talent. Prior to this, Amir's career included progression to senior executive level with FMCG at The Coca-Cola Company. His foundations are his family and he invests his time in supporting them in their hobbies and interests.