Dr. Sylvain Laborde

Dr. Peter DannProfessor Adrian Furnham

“I’ve been now working with Thomas International for two years. Given my research focus on the way personality influences performance under pressure (and more specifically emotional intelligence), we rapidly found a common ground of interest, collaborating in establishing norms for specific sport samples and providing athletes with sport-specific emotional intelligence feedback. The internet platform of Thomas International enables me to easily send feedback to my participants on their emotional intelligence, which is highly valuable. The tool itself is useful in making people aware of how important emotional intelligence is for their performance and well-being.”

Dr. Sylvain Laborde (1984, France) is a psychologist and a sport scientist. He is currently employed as a lecturer and researcher at the Institute of Psychology of the German Sport University in Cologne, one of the leading research groups of sport psychology in the world. He received in 2011 his European PhD degree (University of Cuaen, France- and German Sport University Cologne). Sylvain was recognised as one of the most successful early career researchers in his field in Europe, getting his research published in the major peer-reviewed international scientific journals of his field and receiving a Young Investigator Award from the European Association for Sport Psychology (2011).

His main research interests focus on how the heart makes people smart and emotionally tough and how personality influences people’s actions and decisions under pressure. More specifically, his research on emotional intelligence uncovered the biological mechanisms linked to emotional intelligence protecting individuals against the negative effects of stress. Sylvain acts regularly as an expert for more than 40 peer-reviewed international scientific journals. His research got covered by international medias: newspapers (e.g., France: l’Equipe, Germany: Die Welt am Sonntag), TV: (e.g., Germany: WDR) and radio (e.g., Germany: Deutschland Radiokultur). Finally, Sylvain works also in the applied field in sport (with athletes, coaches, and teams) and in business in order to empower individuals to achieve high peak performance under pressure.