Dr. David Stillwell

Dr. Antonio PangalloDerek Redmond

“I worked with Thomas International throughout 2013 on a research project to update the Personal Profile Analysis (PPA). I was impressed with the commitment of Thomas' Psychology team to constantly update their tests to ensure that they're as psychometrically reliable and valid as possible. We analysed Thomas' past data from hundreds of thousands of test administrations and then followed that up by collecting data from thousands more participants on some new potential questions. The Psychology team were both professional and also fun to work with and I continue to enjoy consulting for them.”

David Stillwell is Lecturer in Big Data Analytics and Quantitative Social Science at Cambridge University's Judge Business School and Deputy Director of the Psychometrics Centre.  His research examines new ways of assessing psychological traits using digital footprints like text (emails, Tweets) or images (Facebook photos). He works with businesses like Hilton Hotels to put this into practice in marketing and digital product personalisation.