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Teams are critical to driving effective performance in any business, so how can you ensure your team is working together as effectively as possible?
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Workshop informationLearning outcomes

Delivered by one of our expert Client Development Consultants, this facilitated workshop will introduce behavioural profiling and interactive team exercises to help your teams perform to their maximum capability by understanding themselves, each other and the teams dynamics much better.

  • Learning style: Facilitated discussion, interactive
  • Workshop length: Half-day
  • Assessments used: Personal Profile Analysis, Teams Audit
  • Maximum group size: 16
  • Price: £750

You do not need to be trained in any of the core Thomas tools, however all attendees will be required to complete a Personal Profile Analysis prior to the workshop.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is designed for full team involvement and will support teams that are newly formed, experiencing change, have a new manager or would like to improve team dynamics.

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During this workshop, delegates will work together to:

  1. Gain an understanding of behavioural profiling, based on the DISC theory
  2. Learn what their own behavioural profiles look like, both as an individual and within the team and then look at the team profile
  3. Understand what role each individual plays within the team
  4. Understand the team's strengths, limitations, reaction to change and values
  5. Compare the ideal team behavioural profile with the actual team profile and complete a gap analysis

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