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Strong leadership helps organisations reach their goals but how do you ensure you have the right leadership team to empower your employees and ultimately deliver results?
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This workshop will help new, experienced and aspiring managers to identify and analyse their own leadership skills. Delegates will discover their preferred leadership style and learn when and how to adapt this relating to both the individual and the situation. During the workshop, delegates will also review how their levels of emotional intelligence could influence their leadership style and how this impacts the way we lead.

  • Learning style: Classroom, experiential and activity
  • Workshop length: One day
  • Assessments used: Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue)
  • Maximum group size: 16
  • Price: £3,450 (includes the cost of a TEIQue for every delegate)

Who should attend?

Aspiring, new and experienced managers looking to develop their leadership skills and increase their self-awareness. You do not need to be trained in any of the core tools to attend this workshop, however you will be asked to complete a TEIQue prior to the course.

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In this workshop, delegates will:

  1. Understand the difference between management and leadership activities and when you should apply each
  2. Discover your preferred leadership style and learn how to adapt this depending on the person, project or situation
  3. Recognise the role emotional intelligence plays in leadership and map your own emotional intelligence levels against the requirements of your role
  4. Improve the ways in which you communicate and approach certain situations to ensure you are engaging your teams in the most suitable way

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"Very well organised course. The material was very professional and provided useful information for giving feedback. Well run and the venue was very good."

"Very informative and I can see how the assessment could help to contribute to our into work programmes during recruitment phases"

"A thought provoking day that made me reflect constantly on the way I work and respond to situations"

To find out more, take a look at our fact sheet

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