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Working as part of a team can be an incredibly rewarding and motivating experience, so how can you build and develop a high performing team?
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Our 'Developing a High Performing Team' workshop is designed to help new or existing teams to understand what makes a high performing team, identifying the strengths and challenges within their current team environment. Delegates will get to know about each other’s emotional intelligence and behavioural preferences and learn how to build more effective working relationships within the team, and with other teams throughout the organisation. The team will develop a behavioural charter which will help guide team behaviours and enhance performance.

Who should attend?

Any new or existing team looking to maximise efficiency, performance and understand team dynamics. You do not need to be trained in any of the core Thomas tools to attend this workshop, however you will be required to complete a PPA and TEIQue prior to the workshop.

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During this workshop, delegate will:

  1. Define what a high performing team looks like within their organisation
  2. Understand the strengths and limitations of their team and what this means for the wider business
  3. Strengthen relationships within the team in order to increase trust, respect and effectiveness
  4. Uncover the different behavioural styles displayed by the team and gain self-awareness of how your own behaviours have an impact on others 
  5. Use psychological theories such as DISC and trait emotional intelligence to look at individual and team dynamics
  6. Develop a team behavioural charter to set ongoing guidelines and commitments

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"Very well organised course. The material was very professional and provided useful information for giving feedback. Well run and the venue was very good."

"Very informative and I can see how the assessment could help to contribute to our into work programmes during recruitment phases"

"A thought provoking day that made me reflect constantly on the way I work and respond to situations"

To find out more, take a look at our fact sheet

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