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Assertiveness isn't about being arrogant, it's being confident in what you're saying and in a calm and positive way. <
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This workshop will help increase a person's assertiveness skills and enable them to communicate clearly and effectively. The workshop will give you the ability to offer objective feedback without fear, say no and regain work-life balance. Real-life, current situations are used in this peer learning session to build skills and using a variety of methods to deliver intended messages.

You do not need to be trained in any of Thomas tools to attend this workshop.

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By taking this workshop, delegates will:

  1. Understand different ways to say no and ask for what you want confidently
  2. Learn how to manage awkward/difficult conversations
  3. Understand the difference between assertive, aggressive and passive-aggressive behaviours
  4.  Be able to give effective and meaningful feedback
  5. Understand the importance of using the right language when being assertive
  6. Boost their self-confidence to increase personal impact
  7. Be able to implement usable techniques based on emotional intelligence and behavioural awareness theories

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"Very well organised course. The material was very professional and provided useful information for giving feedback. Well run and the venue was very good."

"Very informative and I can see how the assessment could help to contribute to our into work programmes during recruitment phases"

"A thought provoking day that made me reflect constantly on the way I work and respond to situations"

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