Developing people, teams and cultures with the Thomas Global Academy

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We are passionate about changing lives by developing people, teams and cultures. Fundamental to this process is the learning on offer through the Thomas Global Academy.

Underpinned by our core tools, our new range of learning and development courses, specific focus modules and bespoke options are designed to meet your people needs to help maximise the performance of individuals, teams and entire organisations. We are proud to launch the Thomas Global Academy and are excited about bringing you a new and innovative learning experience. 

Providing timely and relevant internal development is critical to tackling organisational challenges, increasing employee engagement and maximising the potential of employees. By providing opportunities for development, employees will feel a growing sense of trust, recognition and engagement, all of which can help to increase retention and performance.  

Employees are 10% more likely to stay with their organisation if there are professional growth opportunities to be had.

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Structured around a framework of people, teams and cultures, our range of courses and modules can be combined to create tailored development programmes. Whether you are looking to develop great leaders, need support guiding employees through a change management process, create effective and attractive graduate development programmes or are simply looking for help with the practical application of our assessments, the Thomas Global Academy has a range of courses to suit you. 

How can training and development benefit your organisation?

  • Employee engagement - providing opportunities for development will give employees a growing sense of trust, recognition and engagement
  • Talent development - develop talent within your organisation by tackling key topics such as communication and leadership
  • Change management - ease company restructures by tackling challenges such as trust, communication and conflict
  • Succession planning - training high potential employees can future-proof your organisation and ensures critical skills are in place
  • Leadership development - develop leadership and management skills amongst current and aspiring leaders to help drive the culture and vision of your organisation

An organisation's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly is the ultimate competitive advantage.

Jack Welch, Former CEO, General Electric

You can immediately leverage the power of the Thomas Global Academy by implementing our interactive and activity-based courses. All our courses are delivered by our expert Learning and Development Specialists, who are well versed in using our assessments to the benefit of clients, colleagues and themselves. 

To find out more about how the Thomas Global Academy can help you deliver organisational success, click here. Alternatively, call us on 01628 475 366 or email [email protected] to talk to us about your requirements and we'd be delighted to help you create the right plan for your organisation.