We've partnered with John Lewis High Wycombe to change young lives

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We are proud to have partnered with John Lewis High Wycombe in a ground-breaking corporate social responsibility project.

Bulb.jpgOur collaboration began last year when we offered 10 local schools the opportunity to take part in the Thomas Education process.

Each school nominated 10 students who they thought would benefit from tailored, in-depth guidance around their future employability and an increase in self-awareness, confidence and motivation. The students ranged from those in the Gifted and Talented programmes, to those struggling to reach the pass mark for their upcoming exams - each with a unique set of pressures. The students completed a short Thomas Education psychometric assessment and received a personal report detailing their unique behavioural style and working strengths, as well as one-to-one feedback from an experienced Thomas Education consultant.

The impact of the project has been profound, with the students walking away with a new-found confidence and the motivation to use their strengths to work towards a successful future:

It was useful to think about my traits under pressure before heading into a stressful situation with GCSEs looming. It has helped me think about how to manage my revision better.

It helped me think about why I get in trouble or find things difficult sometimes. It helped that it wasn't someone else telling me off - the results came straight from my own answers to the questions.

Student feedback

At one school, predicted grades of the participating students have risen, all are attending after school classes and every student has secured a first or second choice college or sixth form placement.

To celebrate this success and to give the students a final boost before their GCSEs, we are excited to host a project finale event alongside John Lewis High Wycombe on Wednesday 25th March. Students, teachers and local businesses will come together for a morning of inspirational speeches and interactive activities, including a talk from Paralympic gold medallist Naomi Riches MBE, who will share how resilience and self-awareness took her from bronze to gold at London 2012.