Thomas International set to join the 11th ITC conference in Montréal!

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Thomas International are delighted to announce that we are delivering a symposium at the 11th International Test Commission (ITC) conference in Montréal!

With the conference taking place from Monday 2nd July 2018 - Thursday 5th July 2018, we will take to the stage on the Tuesday to host a symposium  titled “Unifying Research and Practice: Validating High Potential in Leaders using the HPTI” and will encompass five papers discussing the creation, validation and application of the High Potential Trait Indicator in the North American context.

Representing Thomas International will be our Head of Psychology, Jayson Darby, Senior Psychologist, Stephen Cuppello and President of Thomas USA Inc. Merle Ballaigues. The team will be joined by Ian MacRae, co-author of the High Potential Trait Indicator (HPTI) and Director at High Potential Psychology Ltd and Carina Fiedeldey-Van Dijk, President at ePsy Consultancy.

Over the course of the symposium the group will discuss; the original validation of the HPTI as a predictor of leadership potential, the validation of optimal trait levels for senior leadership in North America, the HPTI within the context of the Unified Validation Framework (UVF), linguistic optimisation for Québécois French and the practitioner perspective of applying the HPTI in a business environment.

The ITC conference takes place once every two years, bringing together individuals, organisations and psychological associations that are committed to the robust development, evaluation and application of psychological tests and assessments. Thomas International are affiliate members of the ITC and welcome the opportunity to discuss the extensive validation efforts invested in to the High Potential Trait Indicator with our peers in the industry. The Thomas team will be attending the full conference, attending talks about best practice in testing and assessment, the validation of new psychometrics, multi-cultural applications and the opportunities presented by innovative new technologies.

It is an absolute pleasure to present at the ITC and learn from esteemed psychologists and psychological organisations from around the world. - Ian MacRae, Director at High Potential Psychology Ltd

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What is the International Test Commission?

The International Test Commission (ITC) is an association of national psychological associations, test commissions, organizations and individuals, who promote “the proper development, evaluation and uses” of educational and psychological tests.

Reuben Conibear

Reuben Conibear

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