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We’re proud to work with a number of top sporting organisations to develop performance potential. One of these organisations is The Premier League's Southampton Football Club, whom we joined in July 2016 to support their Academy Coach CPD day.

As one of the world’s top football academies, Southampton FC are committed to providing the highest quality coaching to enable players to reach their potential. Their recent CPD (Continual Professional Development) day was organised following feedback from the club’s coaches, where most academy coaches surveyed agreed they wanted more interaction with each other.

The day kicked off with a briefing from Edd Vahid, Head of Coaching at Southampton Football Club Academy, who outlined the aims of the day which included creating opportunities that require effective team work and encouraging personal reflection on strengths and areas for development.

The coaches had all completed a behavioural assessment (PPA) prior to the day to determine their preferred style of working, strengths, motivators and development areas. The different groups were then determined based on the PPA profiles of the coaches. During the day, the groups competed against each other in a number of outdoor team building activities, with a group de-brief taking place after each session to allow the groups to reflect on their performance and where improvements could be made.

During the de-brief sessions Malcolm Frame, Performance Psychology Consultant, encouraged team members to share their profiles with each other in order to enhance their ability to devise tactics and to enable the team to better understand how their profiles and the profile of others had an impact on team effectiveness during the activities.

When asked about how an understanding of PPA profiles had an impact on how the team worked together, the group felt it made people more aware of the preferred interaction style of others, and gave them an understanding of how their profiles may impact others.

Once the team building activities (which included archery and a high ropes challenge) had concluded for the day, the coaches travelled back to the Southampton FC Training Ground for a group dinner. During the dinner Derek Redmond, Thomas Group Performance Director and former World Champion athlete, presented on his experience working in the 4 x 400m relay team and how behaviours and self-awareness had an impact on their success. He also drew on examples from the day’s activities and the use of PPA in team building activities to relate the work they had done during the CPD day to real life sporting situations.

We’d like to thank Southampton FC for inviting us to join them for the day and are looking forward to continuing our work together to develop performance potential.

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About Southampton Football Club

In an industry that has always primarily been judged by short-term footballing results, Southampton FC is leading the way for sustained long-term success both on and off the pitch.

Its Staplewood Campus – a £38million training facility – not only sets new standards in terms of player and coach development, but also houses some of the most advanced medical and sports science facilities in Europe.

Battling against teams with far greater resources at their disposal, the club has just finished a record-breaking season in which it achieved its best ever Premier League finish and qualified for the UEFA Europa League group stages.

All of these achievements are a direct consequence of the strong and principled values that everyone at the club helped to create.  These values help provide staff with an environment in which they can improve every day and turn potential into excellence.

The continued growth and success witnessed by the club in the past 12 months has drawn admiration from around the world, firmly establishing ‘The Southampton Way’ as a leading method in how to run a successful business across any industry. 

Derek Redmond

Derek Redmond

Having been a motivational speaker for 17 years, Derek joined Thomas in 2014 as Group Performance Director. Derek enjoyed a successful athletics career during the 1980s and 1990s as a member of the British 4 x 400m relay squad that took gold at the 1991 World Championships, 1986 European Championships and Commonwealth Games of the same year.