Celebrating the life of Thomas Hendrickson, Creator of the Personal Profile Analysis (PPA)

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Thomas Myron Hendrickson, creator of the Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) has sadly passed away at his home in Minnesota, USA; survived by wife Marjorie.

Tom was an innovative psychologist, and amongst his many achievements, developed William Marston’s DISC theory to produce the Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) for the workplace. Founder of Thomas International Management Systems, Hendrickson was at the forefront of assessment innovation, enhancing behavioural profiling to the simple, effective and quick method we use today.

Ray & Doreen Reed, Co-founders of Thomas International said:

We have spent many hours with Tom and his wife Marge, building both business and social relationships which have led to endless fun and a stream of creative and productive ideas.

The outcomes of his work remain at the core of thousands of companies globally.  The PPA has been translated into 56 languages and is used in over 60 countries with more than 1.5million completed each year. The Thomas PPA has been subject to rigorous scientific testing to determine its reliability and validity as a psychological assessment. The PPA is registered with the British Psychological Society (BPS) after it was audited against the technical criteria established by the European Standing Committee on Tests and Testing, part of the European Federation of Psychologists' Associations.

Thomas Hendrickson’s accomplishments continue to have a profound impact on many people at a global level, enabling Thomas International to change lives throughout business, sport and education. We have been truly honoured to work with Tom and send our heartfelt condolences to Marge and their family at this difficult time.