"Under pressure, not all sports people are the same"

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We’re extremely excited to be featured in today’s BBC World Service Business Daily show, where I was interviewed by journalist Justin Rowlatt.

Entitled Sport: Playing a Business Game, the programme explored what business can learn from sport and vice versa.

In the show, broadcast this morning, we discussed how Thomas assessments help people perform better - from school age students, to business professionals and sporting stars - by gaining a deeper understanding of themselves.
Assessments can reveal the relative strengths and limitations of an athlete’s approach to their sport and in doing so provide an opportunity to improve their performance in training and competition. Being mentally strong can give athletes the competitive edge that makes the difference between winning and losing. Having launched Thomas International Sport earlier this year, we’ve been surprised to discover how little support many athletes get when it comes to the mental preparation needed to perform at their best. Whilst the successful sport star needs physical ability and commitment to training, much of what happens in competition is a result of how well, or not, they cope under pressure. Also critical is an athlete’s ability to work with others, whether that is their coach, or other members of a sporting team.

Profiling through assessments can enhance the performance of the sporting professional, but has the potential to be even more powerful when applied at grassroots level. Self-esteem, dealing with stress and building relationships can all be big issues for young people and are often challenges they don’t yet have the life experience to deal with effectively. Helping young people manage the mental pressures associated with their sport makes a very real difference to their immediate performance and can help them make the transition to the world of professional sport.

Listen to the programme now. Tom Davenport of Babson College and David C. Cicero, Assistant Professor of Finance at the University of Alabama appear alongside Martin in this look at Sport: Playing a Business Game. If you want to skip straight to the interview, start your iPlayer at 7:00 minutes.