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What's so scary about conflict at work?

Tough conversations can come at us in any guise. They arise all too easily, yet dealing with them is something that leaves most of us cold at the prospect. But why?

The process of change: managing transitions

We all go through transitions in our everyday lives, some easier than others. Sarah Lowes, one of our training experts, shares our checklist for managing transitions.

Anchoring change in corporate culture

Is your workforce 'on the bus', or have you left them behind? Our product development expert, Emmy Cottingham, shares her tips on how to implement change successfully.

Big data, big opportunities: your digital guide

Big data and people analytics really isn’t as scary as it sounds. It can have an extremely positive and beneficial effect on any company if implemented in the right way.

The secret of employee reward strategies

“Money can't buy happiness” – a much debated quote that we hear often. When it comes to employee engagement, this phrase often rings true for many employees.

Big data, big opportunities: whitepaper

This month, we are trying to debunk the current phenomenon that is big data! Our latest whitepaper aims to answer the three most critical questions to help get you starte...

From the boat to the boardroom

Naomi Riches MBE, 2012 Paralympic Gold Medallist and Thomas Sport and Education Consultant tells us about her experience making the transition from elite sport to busines...