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How to add value to your service

As a recruitment consultant, it’s likely you’ll be facing another turbulent year ahead. If you believe many economists we’re headed for a double-dip recession. Otherwise, you can listen to many of the Chief Executives and business leaders we work with at Thomas, who are cautiously optimistic about achieving growth this year.

Either way, the recruitment market remains challenging. And with what often seems to clients like an over-supply of recruitment consultants and agencies chasing after the roles that do come up, the key to success lies in adding real value to the service you offer.

Used as part of the recruitment process, Thomas assessments enable you to add a greater level of certainty to your client’s decisions. With Thomas, you can help your client to benchmark the successful behaviours and abilities for their roles. And you can identify the candidates with an ideal fit. Which means you can de-risk the recruitment process for your client.

But, as a recruiter, you’ll place the right candidates that ‘fit’ the role and ‘fit’ with your client’s organisation. Candidates who will fly through their probation period and stay with your client for the longer term.

Take a look at Thomas’ key recruitment assessments: PPA, GIATEIQue or trial a behavioural profile.

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