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Thomas International and Magneti Marelli have joined forces to collaborate on a school education project in Turin. Thomas have joined the project for the second consecutive year, to provide students of Pascal Institute of Giaveno and San Giuseppe di Rivoli with the opportunity to undertake assessments to gain awareness of their skills and to guide their career pathways as they move from secondary education into higher education or work.

The programme

The goal of the project is to provide students with a deep understanding of their strengths and capabilities, with a focus on how an awareness of their behaviours can help them to successfully transition from school to a positive future.


Andrea Franco, Vice President HR at Magneti Marelli, has been working with Thomas since 2016 to support these guidance projects and provide assessments to schools in Turin and beyond. When introducing the programme to the schools, Franco encourages students to take advantage of the opportunity to understand more about themselves and engage with the programme with the view of starting a journey of development which will end with a successful future.

These projects put you in a position to be able to make a mature choice, not leave anything to chance and start a constructive journey that helps you take the right path.

Andrea Franco - Vice President HR, Magneti Marelli

Prodessor Pascal from Giaveno commented on the programme; "I think it's very important to help students and provide a course to help them understand what is right for them, so that they are sure of their future choices."


In both schools, Thomas and Magneti Marelli organised a two-day orientation. During the first day, Cinzia Palmiero, HR Global Manufacturing & PMO at Magneti Marelli, who is also responsible for school projects for Magneti Marelli, gave students an overview of how the company functions, its presence in the global market and the opportunities available for the young people of Turin. This was followed by an overview of Thomas assessments and how and where they are applied, with examples of how they can be used to help students with their future choice, including a testimonial from a student who took part in the pilot project in 2016.


I immediately saw myself in the profile. Do not panic if you do not recognise yourself in the results, or if the results are not as you wanted - it is a push to improve yourself and help you to become more aware of your limitations to direct you on the right path.

Student A


Following the presentation, Magneti Marelli collaborated with Thomas to run group feedback sessions for students that had completed assessments. During these sessions, the students could share their doubts about the future, challenges and questions. Students received guidance on how to interpret their reports to understand how to use them as a guiding tool for the world of university and work. 

There have been many debates about how best to approach this important choice that young people are faced with, particularly with more and more possibilities and choices available to them. With this in mind, it was fantastic to see the students thinking about the future and wanting to discover and try new experiences through the programme.

Giovanna Paliotta, HR Global Manufacturing Trainee at Magneti Marelli, commented; “it is important for young people to get involved in the most varied experiences to acquire extensive knowledge and above all to get to know themselves better. Through the programme, we have highlighted how important it is for students to work on their limitations to allow themselves grow.” Davide Faiella, Senior Consultant at Thomas International adds, “we try to give young people confidence and support them as we want to be able to reflect on their strengths and use this to plan their careers.”

The point of view of students

Students shared their thoughts on how the experiences have helped them to realise their potential, uncover their strengths and limitations and learn that you can always ask for help from those who are already ahead on the road. 

Many of the students reiterated the same thoughts which was that they are afraid to make a mistake or change their mind too many times when choosing a career pathway and how important it is for them to find an area that can balance work and passions. The feedback sessions allowed students to use the self-assessment given by the PPA to help them work on themselves and on their individual paths.

Now I know what to do to get to the job of my dreams. I know what I need and what work experience should I do to reach my goals.

Student B

"The feedback was very accurate and useful; it described to me from A to Z" - Student C

"The assessment was useful, it gave me more confidence and helped my self-awareness. Now that I have read the results I can work on the objectives." - Student D


The use of the Thomas assessments allows young people approach university and work opportunities with confidence, removing the fear that often affects young people in these situations.

The students that have gone through this initiative have learnt more about their skills and gained an understanding of how to develop them and use them in a positive way during their journey. The project has helped prevent students from losing their way when considering their futures and given encouraged them to believe in their abilities.

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