Since being dramatically affected by the global financial crisis, the financial services sector is now a fundamentally different place, shaped by strong competition and heavy regulations. Recruiting and retaining the right talent, who can handle this demanding environment is at the forefront of innovative thinking financial services organisations.

A recent study found that 52% of CEOs of financial services organisations plan to increase their headcount, but can’t find people with the right skills – and 77% of CEOs believe that this shortage of skills could impair company growth (PwC 20th CEO Study). By recognising that 'non-traditional' skills are critical to talent deployment in this new reality, successful organisations will be able to attract and develop people who have a real capability to thrive within a sector full of processes, compliance and risk.

Click here to check out our latest infographic which summarises key behavioural and personality trends in the financial services sector and see how you can leverage these in your recruitment strategies.

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