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Pod Talent are an independent values-driven recruitment consultancy, who have worked with the Thomas Global Academy to develop self-awareness and leadership skills within the organisation.

The challenge

As a new organisation with a small team of 21, Pod Talent have experienced success in their first four years of operation. Despite achieving good results, they noticed a potential gap in the development of their staff, who had been learning the ‘Pod way’ for four years. Erika Mitchell, one of Pod Talent’s founding partners, whose key interests include internal projects, training and development and HR, recognised the need to start developing staff in a different way, in order to bring a fresh perspective to their learning.

Pod Talent took part in the government-backed GrowthAccelerator match funding initiative, which targets organisations with the potential and determination to grow. Pod Talent were looking to use the funding to provide self-awareness training and leadership development to staff to help drive the business forward.

The solution

Pod Talent engaged with the Thomas Global Academy to provide two courses as part of their new development programme. With members of the business having completed DISC profiling before, they saw the benefit of implementing courses that had assessments at their core and decided to begin with the Improving Personal Performance workshop.

With the aim of increasing self-awareness, Thomas’ Improving Personal Performance workshop focuses on how individual behaviour contributes to professional success.

Erika explains,

We put every member of staff through this course at the beginning of the programme. It provided a really strong foundation for the rest of our development programme and enabled our staff to take on the learning from subsequent training better. It is an excellent starting point ahead of further training.

Once the organisation had completed the Improving Personal Performance course, Pod Talent decided to run the Thomas Global Academy Leadership Skills course for their current and new managers to identify and analyse their leadership style and skills.

“Only a few of our leadership team had ever had any formal management or leadership training before. We also had a number of people stepping up into management. The Leadership Skills course was a way of bringing our leadership team together, helping them to get to know each other and learn about how to work together better.”

Erika adds, “the content of both Thomas Global Academy courses was extremely relevant. The pace was just right and the two Thomas trainers we had were really strong and engaging. People can often lose the ability to concentrate in training courses, but as we clicked really well with the trainers, they were easily able to keep us engaged.”

The results

“Since introducing the Thomas Global Academy to Pod Talent’s internal development programme, we have noticed a difference in our staff. Certain individuals really took the learning on board and it has made a significant difference. They were able to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and reflect on how and why they behaved the way they did. Thomas profiling has given us a common language to discuss

Erika concludes,

Although we are a recruitment firm, we like to do things differently. For us, Thomas training has been far more valuable than any recruitment specific training and as we have more leaders, we would look to put them through Thomas training. I’ve been really impressed with Thomas.

Based on their work with the Thomas Global Academy, Pod Talent are currently looking at developing their relationship with Thomas to potentially enhance their offering for senior management recruitment.

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