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Change is essential for organisations to remain competitive, both in the market place and as an employer that attracts top talent. How the change is communicated, implemented and managed is the key to success.

Change management is the introduction and implementation of transformational strategies, applied at the individual and organisational level, to drive a business or organisation towards achieving their strategic goals.

To ensure that change is implemented successfully, you need to know your people and how to manage them, and with our assessments you can gain this important insight.

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The change management process

Establishing engagement levels

If you have engaged employees that understand the reasons for change and how it will be implemented, the initiative is much more likely to succeed. However, a disengaged, anxious and resistant workforce is a common challenge.

Running a health check for your organisation can help you establish the current levels of engagement within the workforce and identify actions for making any necessary improvements.

The Thomas Engage model can help you to identify the following factors:

  • Your employees' strengths
  • Your employees' vulnerabilities
  • Levels of engagement by group
  • A benchmark against other UK organisations
  • Actions to address vulnerabilities
  • Your organisational well-being factor
  • Management styles operating within your organisation

Once you understand engagement levels in your business, you can build on this to ensure you have engaged employees who are more productive, drive the bottom line and inspire company innovation.

Understanding your people

Another factor in ensuring that change is implemented successfully, is knowing how your team responds best to change and how to manage them through it effectively.  

Our General Intelligence Assessment (GIA) is a cognitive ability assessment that provides an accurate prediction of the time it will take someone to get to grips with a new role/regime. By gauging their capabilities, you will be able to keep your people engaged in their work and your organisation with appropriate challenges suited to their strengths.

Identifying the behavioural and emotional preferences of an employee provides further understanding, and our Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) and Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue) can provide you with this information. 

The PPA enables you to gain a deeper understanding of how your employees behave, how they like to communicate, their strengths and limitations and their motivators. The TEIQue is designed to tell you how well your people understand and manage their emotions, how well they interpret and deal with the emotions of others and how well they can adapt to new situations.

With the increased understanding that Thomas assessments provide, you can implement the necessary changes to increase employee performance.

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