[Whitepaper] Best practices for finding a successor: What's your game plan?

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Successful organisations make employee and leadership succession planning of critical focus in their business strategy. If you’re already involved in succession planning, our latest whitepaper (download below) will expose you to new ideas, expand your thinking, or serve as a reminder. If you’re not and want to be, you’re in luck.

Jayson Darby, Psychology Manager at Thomas International and Professor Adrian Furnham, world-renowned psychologist, look at the basics of selecting and developing successors, internal succession vs. external hire, ways of assessing your successor’s potential and what to do in the face of disruption.

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Jayson Darby

Jayson Darby

Jayson is the Psychology Manager at Thomas International. Working with a team of international consultants and analysts, Jayson is responsible for delivering client solutions that are grounded in psychological methods and hard data. Jayson works with our global partners, ensuring that the Thomas experience and standards are consistent around the world.