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With an ever-expanding portfolio of technology available on the market, it has never been a better time for HR teams to make improvements to their processes and the candidate/employee experience.

Recent research shows the biggest disruption in talent acquisition comes from tech solutions and services1, which is why it’s unsurprising that as of 2017, 73% of organisations have already joined the technology revolution and moved at least one of their HR processes to the cloud2.

When choosing technology, research shows that 69% of organisations list software functionality as the top priority3. Whilst finding a system that has the features you’re looking for is essential, they key to success is being realistic with your expectations. To truly reap the benefits of best in class technology, you may need to introduce more than one supplier to receive a quality, specialist service in all your focus areas.

HR professionals estimate they spend 41% of their time on administration

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As a result, it’s fundamental to look for systems with the capability to integrate with others and deliver an automated process and end-to-end solution. The impact of not doing so is huge and HR professionals estimate they spend 41% of their time on administration activities4. With so much effort being spent on these admin tasks, the amount of time left for strategic HR initiatives is severely limited. By implementing systems that work seamlessly together and provide a common platform for automating all HR processes, you are likely to greatly improve the efficiency of your HR teams, reducing the amount of manual work and allowing them more time to focus on organisational development.

Not only can HR tech help you to create streamlined processes, it can also help you find the right people to join your organisation. According to research by the Society for Human Resource Management, in 2011 18% of organisations were using psychometric testing to add certainty to their hiring process5, with estimates suggesting a growth of 10-15% year on year6. By integrating people assessments into your applicant tracking, talent management, human resources or learning management systems, you will reap a range of benefits.

What are the benefits of integrating assessments into your HR processes?

Add certainty to recruitment decisions

The use of psychological tests and assessments can add great value to people decisions, be that recruitment, promotion or leadership development. They come in many forms, measuring characteristics like personality traits, behavioural preferences or ability with words and numbers. By complementing traditional performance metrics such as CVs and application information with additional objective assessment data you will add certainty to your people decisions, giving you confidence that you are hiring the right candidates for your business.

Candidate and employee experience

In an increasingly candidate-driven marketplace, organisation’s need to ensure they are delivering an engaging and efficient recruitment process. By integrating assessments into your applicant tracking system, you’ll ensure candidates follow a simple process and clear layout, creating a seamless assessment experience. With easy access to Thomas reports within your system, you will also guarantee employees and candidates receive timely feedback on their results. 

Time and resources

Reduce the amount of manual input required from HR and recruitment teams in administering assessments and sifting candidates by up to 80% when you integrate, giving your HR team more time to focus on other HR tasks without being inundated with administrative work.  When assessment management is automated and aligned with your people processes, you are also likely to greatly reduce your time to hire, ensuring you hire top talent faster and minimise the risk of losing quality applicants during the process.

Central data storage

Your chosen HR platform will become your one-stop-shop for all your people information. Through one central storage location you will be able to access all people and performance data, instantly view assessment results and share Thomas’ rich reporting with all your platform users.

Want to find out more about the benefits of assessment integration? Check out our new website to find out more about our range of partners and integration services.


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Dan Taylor

Dan Taylor

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