November 2017

Why your HR tech should be integrated

With an ever-expanding portfolio of technology available on the market, it has never been a better time for HR teams to make improvements to their processes and the candida...

Internal vs External in Succession Planning

This month we’re tackling the subject matter of succession planning, where we’ll be looking at what succession planning is, how to make a great succession plan, what happen...

How much is employee turnover and recruitment really costing you?

Learn how to measure and save on these costs with our Recruitment & Retention Savings Calculator

Slideshow: What is necessary to manage cultural change?

Culture really does matter – so does change. New ideas, people or strategies can lead to behavioural and performance changes, affecting new ways of thinking and bringing ab...

The 6 traits of high potential future leaders: who has them in your organisation?

Strong leaders are critical in formulating and communicating strategy and driving the direction and vision of an organisation.