Why wellbeing and engagement should be top of your HR agenda

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Do your people think, feel and behave in a positive way towards your organisation? Are your staff psychologically thriving? If the answer is no, you are putting your organisation at risk of productivity and performance challenges. With this in mind, developing a strong and effective wellbeing strategy should be top of your HR agenda.

Wellbeing is a hot topic and buzz word in the human resources and people development arena. But what does it really mean in the context of work?

CIPD define well-being as ‘creating an environment to promote a state of contentment which allows an employee to flourish and achieve their full potential for the benefit of themselves and their organisation.’ Although often labelled simply as physical health, the social and psychological components of wellbeing are equally important. It is something every organisation wants (or should want) to achieve in order to ensure their people are maximising organisational success.

In order to create this environment, employee engagement becomes increasingly important as a driver of wellbeing in the workplace. Dr. Mark Slaski, Senior Psychologist and Co-Founder of WorkplaceBuzz measured the link between wellbeing and engagement when developing the Engage tool. Using a metric developed from Hart & Cotton that measures the frequency of both positive emotions (Morale) and negative emotions (Distress) at work, he found a strong correlation between engagement and morale, distress, and overall wellbeing. With a clear link between employee engagement and wellbeing, having a deeper understanding of workplace engagement is a key step in the journey to a high quality wellbeing strategy.

In our latest video Dr Mark Slaski and Peter Cowan, Founders of WorkplaceBuzz, take a closer look at the meaning of workplace engagement and why it is such a hot topic in today’s market.

Watch our engagement video to find out about the importance of engagement when seeking to get the best from your people

Reuben Conibear

Reuben Conibear

Reuben has worked in the Marketing team at Thomas for just over 3 and half years. As Marketing Executive, Reuben's core focus is to ensure a high quality experience for Thomas customers at all times. In his spare time, Reuben enjoys kayaking, bouldering and spending time with his friends and family.