ThomasTalks podcast: Future-proofing your future leaders

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We have to start thinking about our future leaders if we want our businesses to continue, sustain and above all thrive. Who are the future leaders? Well, they’re the emerging workforce – the Centennials as they’re coming to be known...

  • What challenges are leaders facing when managing such a wide-ranging employee age profile?
  • What are the benefits/opportunities of embracing age diversity?
  • Can Thomas tools contribute to the engagement of a multigenerational workforce?

In our new ThomasTalks podcast, Thomas International’s Amir Qureshi, CEO, Craig Howells, Internal Sales Manager, and People Academy’s Miles Henson answer these questions. Giving their professional view of best practices and personal experience of managing multigenerational differences in the workplace, these professional experts encourage thought, conversation and potential action to take.


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Gabrielle Westhead

Gabrielle Westhead

Gabrielle, better known as Gabby, joined the Thomas family in April 2017 as the Content Executive. Outside of work, Gabby is involved in Buddhist and interfaith activities with the aim of helping make the world a more peaceful place.