ThomasTalks podcast: "What’s stalling progress for women at work?"

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Gender bias is the zeitgeist of the time we live – yet the stark reality remains that it’s still very much an issue in the corporate world.

Too often, a complexity of factors conspire to make it difficult for women to pursue a career, high-level jobs and support in being the best them they can be in a working environment.

How can you develop an unconscious gender bias strategy to one with conscious gender parity?

In our new ThomasTalks podcast, Thomas International’s Greetje Brosens, International Managing Director, Stephen Cuppello, Psychology Data Analyst, and People Academy’s Lillian Hosea talk gender. Giving their professional view of best practices and personal experience of tackling gender bias and perception in the workplace, the trio of experts put across an interesting argument for moving this conversation forward once and for all.

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Take Harvard’s Implicit Association Test (IAT) yourself – you might be surprised by the results! 

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Gabrielle Westhead

Gabrielle Westhead

Gabrielle, better known as Gabby, joined the Thomas family in April 2017 as the Content Executive. Outside of work, Gabby is involved in Buddhist and interfaith activities with the aim of helping make the world a more peaceful place.