Slideshow: What is necessary to manage cultural change?

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Culture really does matter – so does change. New ideas, people or strategies can lead to behavioural and performance changes, affecting new ways of thinking and bringing about culture change. Managing this change then requires different approaches for the different challenges we’ve already explored for it be as successful and as non-disruptive as possible.

From communication to champions, browse through our slideshow to learn what is necessary to manage change with your people – and in a fun way!

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Communicate using different channels and various informal approaches to convey every aspect of change transparently and increase positive impact


Use company values holistically, making sure any communication activity or strategic priority is aligned to your unique culture foundation and the company's overall goals


Let people have their say by encouraging feedback, clarifying plans and answering to remove barriers of fear and mistrust in the process - great examples are suggestion boards and town hall meetings


Time - it takes time, so be patient! Communicating change and adopting it in behaviour successfully won't happen overnight - your people have to change how they feel and think before they can change how they behave. Start as early as possible and ensure a progressive roll-out


Understand that your strategy for managing cultural change needs to be flexible to accommodate for everyone in the business and ready for any challenging curveballs waiting


Recruit champions for change - enthusiastic colleagues willing to engage, raise awareness and encourage their peers to do the same


Accurately define what the change is - keep all communication relevant and be clear about your vision for improvement and expected behaviours are


Learning and development may be necessary to ensure that everyone is comfortable in adapting to behavioural adjustments and still inspired to work

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