The power of employee engagement - Leeds workshop review

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On 13th July 2016, Thomas International's Northern team descended upon Leeds with two of our fantastic test authors, Dr Mark Slaski and Peter Cowen to deliver a free workshop for anyone interested in increasing workplace engagement.

An audience of business owners, HR, and L&D professionals from a diverse pool of industries joined us to discuss the importance and power of workplace engagement. The influential Dr Mark Slaski, Senior Psychologist and Co-Founder of Workplace Buzz and Senior Lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire, hosted the evening and delivered an entertaining and powerful session on employee engagement. 

For the past two decades, Mark has worked with organisations across the globe designing and delivering leadership development, coaching and team transformation. His greatest asset is his depth of knowledge and insight into human psychology and performance, and his greatest skill is his ability to communicate his expertise to help people and organsiations achieve greater success. Mark believes that to fully unlock the talent of any business requires leaders at every level to create engaging workplaces for their people. This was a fantastic opportunity for our clients to delve into his knowledge. 

Mark began the session with an interactive discussion about defining engagement, putting to bed some of the common misconceptions people have. He discussed the seven drivers of engagement; challenge, freedom, recognition, growth, voice, togetherness and clarity, making the bold statement that these are not the 'nice to haves', but essential to engagement. He encouraged the attendees to "not go another day without thinking about these factors", claiming they have the power to really change your business. 

Do not go another day without considering these seven factors. They have the power to change your business.

Mark then shared a series of hard hitting case studies, that clearly demonstrated the correlation between improved levels of engagement and improved financial performance. He also touched upon the topic of emotional intelligence, sharing a research study which showed that managers with a higher emotional intelligence score, have more highly engaged staff. He then talked the delegates through the Thomas Engage tool and report, highlighting the key things that sets it apart from other engagement tools available. The delegates had the opportunity to ask questions and a discussion took place throughout the room sharing ideas on how to maximise the use of an engagement survey, and how to actually get your people engaged in the survey so that the results truely reflect the situation in your workplace. 

The workshop concluded with an interactive exercise using our new Thomas Engage action cards, which give you clear advice and tips on how to work on each of the seven drivers of the workplace engagement model. A networking session followed with a buffet and refreshments with conversations that went on well into the evening! One delegate commented: 

I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop and am going back to work tomorrow with strategies and resources that I can begin to implement straight away. 

Thomas International would like to thank all of the participants who attended this workshop, particularly those who went the extra mile and travelled from as far as Carlisle to attend. 

If you would like to know more about Thomas Engage, or speak to one of our experts about any of the people challenges that you are facing in your business, you can contact us on 01628 475 366.