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Diversity and inclusion is a hot topic in the corporate world in 2018, from the reality of the gender pay gap becoming further exposed to increasing anti-diversity scandals. Needless to say, there appears to be a need to recap, re-educate and re-strategise diversity as a fundamental strength in business, embraced no matter what size or industry. It has become an imperative to attract and retain the best talent, a mechanism to create synergy between a diverse workforce and a successful business.

Let’s reflect and ask ourselves:

Is diversity at the heart of my business?

Does diversity boost or risk group performance?

How can I handle challenges that come with promoting diversity?

What ‘types’ of diversity are in question?

Do my workforce reflect the clients we communicate with and sell to?

Do I believe that a diverse workforce can increase business and profitability?

What can I do to transform your managerial and employee mindset and make diversity a way of life?

Stephen Cuppello (Psychology Data Analyst) and Charlotte Purdie (HR Advisor) at Thomas International, open the year by examining how diversity and inclusivity has shaped, and will continue to shape, the human experience and identity in the workplace -  and how companies can start tracking execution and addressing unconscious bias, among other challenges, with psychometric assessments.

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Gabrielle Westhead

Gabrielle Westhead

Gabrielle, better known as Gabby, joined the Thomas family in April 2017 as the Content Executive. Outside of work, Gabby is involved in Buddhist and interfaith activities with the aim of helping make the world a more peaceful place.