The characteristics of a successful sales person

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In today’s demanding and competitive market conditions, sales leaders are increasingly realising the need to analyse the requirements and ability of their sales team in order to recruit high performing sales people and execute on strategy.

Execution is often the missing link between aspirations and results, and the Sales Strategy-Execution Gap continues to widen as organisations face increased complexity, more knowledgeable and sophisticated buyers, multiple stakeholders involved in the buying process and increasing challenge with competitive differentiation.

Sales are contingent on the attitude of the salesman – not the attitude of the prospect.

W. Clement Stone

This complex and rapidly advancing sales landscape prompted Thomas International to launch a large research project to examine the current sales environment, from the viewpoint of both sales leaders and their sales representatives.

Data was collected from 67 senior sales leaders and 990 business-to-business sales representatives from across North America, who completed a custom sales survey, a behavioural assessment and a cognitive assessment. This allowed Thomas to uncover traits and characteristics that drive sales performance. The study has a very strong alignment with CSO Insights, a global study which highlights how many of the challenges and opportunities identified in North America are also experienced worldwide.

Our sales infographic outlines the key trends discovered in the study to help sales organisations to close the gap and recruit high performing sales individuals with the ability to execute the defined strategy and deliver results, answering questions such as:

  • What components are key to the success of sales performance?
  • What motivators are the most important for sales performance?
  • What training most benefits sales performance?
  • What behavioural and cognitive characteristics correlate to performance (revenue generation and activity) that exceeds expectations?

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Reuben Conibear

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