Can recruiters help millennials get back on the front foot?

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Amanda Davies, MD of ISV Group shares more insights into the world of recruitment and the ways in which recruiters can support millennials.

No doubt that the topic of millennials and skills shortages have been trending over social media the past couple of months. Businesses are struggling to hire, meanwhile the career moves and development of millennials seems to be stagnant.

Millennials are (often) prejudiced as the ‘lazy generation’ lacking soft skills. However, 70% of surveyed millennials actually want to start their own businesses. Leading to the younger generation being eager and more than ready to learn, develop and gain more knowledge in entrepreneurship. Check out our infographic which utilises data collected from the Personal Profile Analysis to look at where millennials sit in British business.

The role of the recruiter

We can all agree that recruiters are hardworking people. Being keen to present their clients with the best talent, they continuously battle with the undeniable skills shortage in the current market. And with many doors of opportunities closed for the millennial generation, the role of the recruiter is becoming harder than it already is. 

However, recruiters do play a huge role when it comes to influencing their clients’ hiring decision. So can the following talking points help recruiters influence their clients to get millennials back on the front foot?

Let’s talk open doors...

  • Talk about what millennials do have

According to figures released, 65% of millennials believe that personal development is the most important factor when it comes to their career. In fact, 52% feel that employers offering career progression are more attractive.

Believe it or not, millennials step into their career feeling motivated to learn and develop themselves. Ok, maybe, we still have a bit of work to do when it comes to acquiring soft skills. However, there are many great ways companies can benefit from hiring the younger generation. Typically, millennials are well advanced in technical and digital skills, they additionally bring fresh ideas, new energy and a lot of excitement into the workplace.

  • Talk about your client’s work environment

Essentially, millennials are seeking opportunities for personal development. Encouraging your clients to create an environment where youngsters can learn and grow is therefore a key factor. The millennial generation are seeking workplaces where they will be encouraged, motivated and inspired to make a difference.

Let’s be honest, the ‘we have always done it this way’ mentality is dangerous and of little use to change friendly millennials. Business changes, the market changes and essentially your client’s work environment might have to change as well.

So what kind of management structure does your client adopt at the moment? Are employees left to figure out things for themselves, or are they guided every step of the way? According to Business Insider, millennials desire to have managers or bosses who serve as coaches and people they can learn from. Working in an environment where only the boss is allowed to have a good idea, will not motivate millennials in the workplace.

  • Talk about training, development and mentorship

By encouraging your clients to look into offering training, internships or apprenticeship schemes, millennials will be getting a fair opportunity in business. In addition to that, this will help develop their soft skills as they will be directly learning from a professional environment.

Furthermore, clients can also look into offering communication, presentation, or any other skills training assessments as part of their induction programmes.

Find out more about the Skills assessments here that Thomas provide through the ISV Group and discover how skills testing can support you when recruiting millennials.

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