Developing Top Talent: The Six Best Strategies to Develop High-Potential Leaders

Top Talent: The Six Best Interview Questions...Predicting Potential - Assessing Cognitive Ab...

Building a strong leadership pipeline through external recruitment can be an extremely expensive proposition. Recent research shows that organizations spend an average of $14,936 to recruit an executive, yet the majority of organizations spend less than $4,000 annually to train them. Close to one-third of organizations spend less than $1,000.

Developing leaders internally is financially advantageous, improves employee retention, and enhances the overall company culture, but what strategies can be put in place to address the training gap?

Developing Top Talent is the second in the Thomas International Top Talent Series. In our first whitepaper, we identified the six best interview questions for discovering high-potential leaders. In this whitepaper, we explore tactics businesses can use to build and develop six key characteristics found in leaders.

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