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Launch: Premiere Online High Potential Trait Indicator (HPTI) Certification Training.

We are delivering the premiere online version of our HPTI certification training. Learn more and register your interest.

Webinar: Predicting High Potential at Work.

You are invited to an exciting Thomas webinar, 'High Potential at Work', which will take place on September 13, 2018 at 1 PM EDT. Learn more and sign up today.

ITC conference in Montreal.

We are delivering a symposium at the 11th International Test Commission (ITC) conference in Montreal.


Whitepaper: The Six Best Strategies to Develop High Potential Leaders

Developing leaders internally is financially advantageous, improves employee retention, and enhances the overall company culture, but what strategies can be put in place to address the training gap? In this whitepaper, we explore tactics businesses can use to build and develop six key characteristics found in leaders.

Whitepaper: The Six Best Interview Questions for Finding High-Potential Leaders

In this Thomas International whitepaper, we delve into the psychology behind six distinct personality traits found ins successful leaders and identify the six best interview questions for selecting your next high-potential leader.

Article: The Value of Assessment for Recruitment and Retention 

The ultimate goal for most organizations is working towards fostering a culture that promotes health, success, and innovation. HPTI scores can be used to help evaluate applicants for how well they would fit within a particular role, how well they would work in a team environment, and how they would fit in the organization culture.

Whitepaper: Predicting Potential at Work: Assessing Cognitive Ability in Recruitment

In this whitepaper, we explore business' current people challenges during times of rapid change and advancing complexity

Leadership Study: Reaching New Heights

In this Thomas International Study, we delve into the core competencies, key findings, and tools to identify leaders in your organization.

Whitepaper: Starting Strong

Learn about five critical strategies to mitigate turnover and boost retention in an employee's first 90 days.

Sales Study: Thomas' North American Sales Study

Learn more about the perspectives on today's sales environment from 990 B2B sales reps and 67 senior sales leaders. Enhance your Sales Enablement strategy and methodologies to quickly identify the sales reps you need.

Whitepaper: Sales Has Become a Thinking Person's Game

To deliver on your sales revenue goals, you need sales reps with superior cognitive capacity and agility.
In today’s increasingly complex and demanding sales environment, these qualities are no longer “nice to haves.” They’re essential.

Whitepaper: Cognitive Fit and Potential

Gain in-depth perspective on the talent selection and development challenges faced by HR professionals.