Reaching New Heights: A Data-Driven Approach to Identifying the Traits of Successful Leaders

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If you are a leader - or are responsible for hiring leaders - your inbox and social media newsfeeds are probably overrun with posts, ads, updates on identifying these characteristics. Where many fall short, however, is on actual data that explores the concept of ‘Leadership’ – and how it can be fostered within an organization – in a systemized, scientific way.

Our extensive research across North America, included a thorough review of the existing body of research, surveys and assessments of 253 senior executives, and statistical analysis of the gathered data. Our researchers developed leadership competencies based on well-founded research from thought-leaders including: Center for Creative Leadership, Deloitte, Gallup, Global Leadership & Organizational Behaviour Effectiveness, IBM, Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan Review, and pwc.

In this Thomas International Study, we delve into the core compentencies, key findings, and tools to identify leaders in your organization.

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