Free Webinar: Predicting High Potential at Work

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Sept 13 at 1pm EDT

Leaders today are dealing with a workplace characterized by digital transformation, complexity, and rapid change. There is an influx of millennials into the workforce and a subsequent exodus of many senior leaders from a variety of organizations - forcing such organizations to focus more seriously on identifying employees with leadership potential, thus developing them faster than ever before.

Leadership has become a C-suite imperative; the recognition being that a robust leadership pipeline is a competitive advantage and that to execute well on organizational strategy, a highly diverse workforce must be engaged.

Within this context, we are excited to offer you a complimentary Thomas Client Webinar. The topic of ‘High Potential at Work’ will be discussed in detail with facilitator Merle Ballaigues, President of Thomas Canada and USA, and guest Ian MacRae, psychologist and co-author of the book High Potential.


  • An Interview with Ian MacRae covering:
    o What potential is and how to measure potential at work?
    o How to predict the critical dimension of potential at work? – the challenge and the opportunity.
    o Why personality?
  • A framework for assessing and developing potential.
  • How the High Potential Trait Indicator (HPTI) aligns with research-based leadership competencies.
  • How the HPTI correlates with tangible organizational outcomes (e.g. revenue growth, profit growth, etc.) and the supporting research.
  • An introduction to the HPTI certification training program.

This webinar qualifies you for SHRM, HRPA and HRCI re-certification hours, which you will be eligible for after the webinar.