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Ensuring your senior leadership team (SLT) is made up of individuals with top-notch leadership skills and the ability to work dynamically and effectively together is vital in cultivating a high performing school. How can you help your team to get the best out of each other and themselves?

Your SLT are responsible for guiding and shaping the direction that your institution moves in, while also guiding the values of your teaching staff and students. We can support leaders to understand themselves better and apply that knowledge as they spearhead success.

Profiling your SLT can help them to understand how to get the best out of themselves and each other, as well as identify gaps and determine compatibility requirements when recruiting new team members.


Team dynamics

The first step towards great team-work for your SLT is two-fold: understanding themselves and understanding each other. Providing them with insight into how they and their team members behave, communicate, their strengths and limitations, and their motivators, gives them the tools to successfully work together.

Assessing where your individual and team strengths are allows you to evaluate what, if anything, is missing.


Having a clear view of the behaviours and levels of emotional intelligence of your team allows you to assess if you have any skills gaps. Every good team needs a mix of strengths to cover all bases – a team full of process-driven people would likely be ineffective, the same for a team made up of innovators with lots of ideas and little follow through.

Emotional intelligence

The difference between an acceptable leader and an exceptional leader often lies with emotional intelligence. Emotionally intelligent leaders are self-aware, excellent communicators and can adapt their behaviour to suit a variety of situations. They can effectively tackle stress, low morale, conflict and change.

Exploring levels of emotional intelligence creates an environment of understanding that boosts self-awareness among your leaders and can be used for both recruiting and developing leaders.


This can help employees learn how to get the best out of each other and ultimately improve team working skills. When communication channels breakdown, so does performance, which can have an impact on delivering results and organizational performance.

A high-performing school

Once your SLT are working effectively together, they will be in a position to boost performance across your school. They will be equipped to lead your teaching staff and your students to greater results, creating an outstanding school.