Executive Leadership Study

Participate in our Executive Leadership Study for an exclusive insight into vital trends for performance in executive leadership roles.

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Announcing Thomas’ Executive Leadership Study. Our study will assess and identify vital trends for performance in executive leadership roles. Participation is easy, quick and confidential. All participating executives will receive a complimentary report highlighting their leadership style, and additional optional opportunities for personal development. To sign up or learn more please see below.

Quick Facts About the Executive Study Process - all you need to do to participate:

Step One

Complete the short sign up form below.

Step Two

Within two business days you will be emailed a short opinion survey and short leadership assessment. Combined time to complete both items is only 10-15 minutes.

Step Three

You will be emailed your complimentary leadership report, and provided with an opportunity to sign up for complimentary development opportunities. See below for more details.

Your name, company name, survey and assessment results are confidential and will not be shared in the study, or with your organization. You will remain anonymous as all findings, trends and results will be reported at the aggregate/group level. You will receive your confidential assessment report by email, directly from Thomas, after completing the assessment. For additional information on how we handle privacy at Thomas please view our privacy statement.

Benefits - participating executives receive:

Complimentary leadership report. For a sample report please click here.

Complimentary phone debrief of your leadership report by a Thomas Consultant. (Optional)

Complimentary self-awareness and executive training via webinar. (Optional)

Advance and complimentary copy of our Executive Leadership Study. To see a sample of our recent research, click here.

We have concluded the data collection phase of our study and are no longer accepting new participants. We look forward to publishing the finding and results over the coming months. A link to our most up to data research can be found here.

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