Gavin Lamb

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As Business Development Consultant for Thomas Australia, Gavin's role involves developing our client base, handling and qualifying leads and becoming an expert in Thomas products.

This-is-me_-banner_Slim_Gavin.jpgGavin is a self-starter who enjoys taking control of a situation, is "bottom-line" orientated and can envisage the big picture. He is a friendly, assertive and energetic individual who has a strong self-image and is often seen as very confident and demanding.

Before joining Thomas, Gavin worked various jobs with Canon Australia starting from the Call Centre all the way to Key Account Delivery Manager. His main goals is to build the Australian operation/team to a considerable size and become the leading psychometrics provider in Australia.


Outside of work Gavin can be found riding down mountains on his bike or snowboard. He also enjoys going on road trips with friends.