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Pulse Recruitment is a recruitment company, who since introducing the PPA assessment into their graduate recruitment program in 2014, have increased their number of successful graduate placements by 15%.

Pulse Recruitment is an Australian-owned and operated recruitment agency, established in 2004 by Daniel Hale, recruiting for a variety of roles within a range of industry sectors. In November 2014, Pulse Recruitment introduced Thomas International’s PPA and e-Recruit tools into the business to support their sales graduate recruitment program. The behavioural profiling offered through the PPA was to be used to assist with the hiring of quality graduates seeking to enter the workforce. 

The challenge

Daniel Hale, CEO of Pulse, noticed there was a steady increase in companies hiring fresh graduates and saw an opportunity to develop a program that could minimise the risk that could sometimes be associated to hiring graduates.

Pulse Recruitment understood the value of hiring quality graduates who could make their mark in a sales environment. However, they also knew how important it was to an employer to hire graduates who fit their organisation. Pulse wanted to ensure they could provide enthusiastic, results driven candidates who would offer long term commitment, which they knew could prove more challenging with graduates.

Pulse had identified the kind of personality it takes for a candidate to make a successful sales graduate. Along with owning a strong set of innate sales skills, they need to be suitable for a role in a competitive KPI driven environment. They had found it a challenge to identify these personalities.

Gillian White, Pulse’s recruitment consultant who works closely on the graduate scheme, explained that with graduates, understanding cultural fit was of the highest importance, something which cannot always be identifiable during the interview process. As a result, Pulse had a higher risk of potentially placing candidates in the wrong job role.

Gillian explains, "I personally like to walk through our client’s office space and get a feel for their working culture. This helps us understand what sort of graduate would be best suited for our clients."

Pulse soon discovered that a lack of work experience or job references made the recruitment process even more challenging. Consequently, Pulse were basing a lot of crucial decisions on the personality of graduates, without having a robust tool to measure this. Getting these matches wrong would often result in the candidates leaving their positions after a short time.

Gillian continues, "our aim was to dramatically minimise the risk of this happening."

The solution

Pulse decided that they needed a tool that would help them to filter graduates with the behavioural styles suited to a cut-throat sales environment and take the ‘guesswork’ out of the process. This would ensure they were better suited to the role and the culture of the business which in turn, would increase job satisfaction and retention.

Daniel, being an experienced recruiter who knew sales was a very unique industry, where the personality of candidates played a large role apart from other aspects like experience and education, researched what tools may be available to help with this challenge. He came across Thomas International’s PPA assessment and embedded it in the program to help measure the suitability of graduates against a sales profile. Since Introducing the PPA into the graduate recruitment process, it has given Pulse the opportunity to discover the professional working style of each individual candidate.

Thomas has allowed us to look deeper and assess the person on a more detailed level.

Daniel Hale

As well as ensuring all graduates complete a PPA, Pulse also use Thomas’ e-Recruit system which enabled them to rapidly and efficiently process and filter high quality candidates. After filtering, the candidates were given a result of a 1 or 2-star rating and then allocated into the most appropriate role. This was yet another effective technique put in place by Pulse to ensure the positon better suited the graduate.

The result

After introducing the PPA, Pulse began to recognise the capability of the tool and its positive impact on the different stages of recruitment. The PPA offers stability and clarity to the client and the recruiter as it uncovers information about candidate’s professional work style. The graduate’s PPA report contains information about their behavioural profile, such as whether they are influential, outgoing, driven and competitive, all of which are considered ideal qualities for a sales role. This information has been influential in improving the self-awareness and self-confidence of graduates.

Gillian explains “The client now trusts that the type of candidate they require in terms of personality is what they will be getting. The PPA gives evidence to our judgement and this creates a sense of trust between us and the client, resulting in a more credible relationship. We have had great feedback from all our clients who receive each candidate’s PPA report which they find hugely beneficial. It has really streamlined the selection process.”

We love Thomas assessments! Everyone in the office has completed their PPA. The results have made such an impact in just over a year doing the graduate program. We’ve have only had one candidate leave the program, an extremely low number, which highlights how good the fit has been.

Gillian White

In 2015, one year into working with Thomas International Australia and introducing the PPA assessment, Pulse have increased their number of successful placements by 15%, a figure which they hope to increase as they continue to embed the assessment into their processes.

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