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Job enables you to identify the behavioural requirements of a role that will help you recruit the right people for the right role, identify development needs, restructure teams and redeploy talent.

OverviewThe Science

Assess: Behaviour
Type: Ipsative psychometric assessment
Time: 20 minutes

To make your organisation a success, you need to recruit athletes and support staff who not are not only exceptional performers, but who will fit in well with your existing talent pool. Job profiling can help you identify candidates who have the skills and working style to excel in your organisation. 

Ensuring you have the right people in the right roles will increase job satisfaction and contribute to a motivational environment, enabling you to get the most out of your people both off the pitch and on the pitch.


Use Job to:

  • Recruit the right person for the right job
  • Boost morale and loyalty
  • Understand the causes of underperformance
  • Create development plans
  • Get the best out of your talent

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Thomas Job enables you to identify the behavioural requirements of the job you are recruiting for. Used in conjunction with the PPA, Thomas Job enables you to match the ideal behaviours for the role with the behavioural profile of your candidates and team members, using a 'goodness of fit' scale. For more information about the science behind the PPA, please click here and select 'the science' tab.