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What's so scary about conflict at work?

Tough conversations can come at us in any guise. They arise all too easily, yet dealing with them is something that leaves most of us cold at the prospect. But why?

The secret of employee reward strategies

“Money can't buy happiness” – a much debated quote that we hear often. When it comes to employee engagement, this phrase often rings true for many employees.

Big data, big opportunities: whitepaper

This month, we are trying to debunk the current phenomenon that is big data! Our latest whitepaper aims to answer the three most critical questions to help get you starte...

Recruiting and developing your rising stars: National Apprenticeship Week 2016

We're proud of our commitment to employing and developing young people and are celebrating National Apprenticeship Week.

The graduates of today, your leaders of tomorrow

With 71% of new graduates achieving upper second or first class degrees in 2014 (HESA), businesses can no longer rely on a candidate’s academic achievements as a differen...

Why wellbeing and engagement should be top of your HR agenda

Do your people think, feel and behave in a positive way towards your organisation? Are your staff psychologically thriving? If the answer is no, you are putting your orga...

The future of recruitment - reinventing your recruitment strategy

In 2016, the labour market saw an increase in job seekers, with almost a quarter (24%) of the UK workforce actively looking for a new job (*CIPD Employee Outlook); it has...