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The 6 traits of high potential future leaders: who has them in your organisation?

Strong leaders are critical in formulating and communicating strategy and driving the direction and vision of an organisation.

What is the profile of an effective senior leader?

Most of us know a good leader (or a bad one!). But what makes them so? What is it about their personality that makes them so effective and inspiring in their role? As par...

The 3 dimensions of potential

The definition of potential is not always clear in the workplace and the consequences of getting it wrong are costs in productivity, profit and possible derailment. Poten...

Identifying high potential and adapting to a changing world of work

The question of work is always the question of potential. Who has the capability to do well today and, even more importantly, who has the potential to perform even better...

The new edition of 'High Potential' is out now - What’s new in understanding high potential at work?

The second edition of 'High Potential: How to Spot, Manage and Develop Talented People at Work' by Ian MacRae, Adrian Furnham and Martin Reed is out now!

What does high potential mean for the 'average' employee?

When some people think of high potential, they think of high flyers, great leaders and fantastic success stories. High potential is sometimes seen as the preserve of only...