Psychometrische Testverfahren

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Was sind psychometrische Test und Assessments? Das Wort Psychometrie beinhaltet "Psyche" und "Messen". Ein psychometrischer Test oder ein Assessment misst also Fähigkeiten und Verhalten eines Menschen.

Was sind psychometrische Tests oder Assessments?

Ein psychometrischer Test, bzw. Assessment misst psychologische Merkmale wie z.B. Persönlichkeitsmerkmale, Verhalten, kognitive Fähigkeiten, Motivationsfaktoren etc. Psychometrisch bedeutet also psychologisches Messen. Thomas Assessments messen eine Vielzahl unterschiedlicher Eigenschaften. Erfahren Sie mehr über unsere Lösungen hier

Es besteht ein Unterschied zwischen psychometrischen Tests und Assessments. Das Hauptunterscheidungsmerkmal ist, dass ein Test die maximale Leistungsfähigkeit misst und Aufgaben stellt, die richtig oder falsch beantwortet werden können. Ein Assessment ist typischerweise eine Befragung, die den Grad der Zustimmung zu bestimmten Aussagen abfrägt.

Beispiele psychometrischer tests beinhalten Tests zu kognitiven Fähigkeiten, Begabungstests, Tests zu logischem Denken und Argumentationsvermögen. Beispiele psychometrischer Assesments beinhalten Persönlichkeitstests, Tests zu emotionaler Intelligenz Verhaltensprofilanalysen. Solche Tests oder Assessments sind entweder normativ oder ipsativ.

Normative Tests setzen das Ergebnis in den Bezug zu Anderen (Normgruppe). Ipsative Tests setzen das Ergebnis in Bezug zur eigenen Wahrnehmung (Selbstreferenz).


Anwendung psychometrischer Tests

Zur Anerkennung psychometrischer Tests gibt es festgelegte Kriterien. Die Thomas Tests und Assessments sind von der British Psychological Society (BPS) anerkannte Verfahren.


Should you trust a company offering a psychometric test free of charge? In most cases, the answer is probably no, so it's important to be able to spot the characteristics of a bad psychometric test to avoid the potentially negative impact caused by an unreliable test.

The internet is inundated with personality quizzes which claim to tell you something about yourself and how you behave in certain situations, whether that be at work, at home, at school or during a match. In reality, the majority of these personality tests are created by individuals with no scientific background, meaning that they have no value as a tool for measuring personality. The sole purpose of these quizzes is as a form of entertainment designed simply to create a buzz on social media platforms, rather than as a tool for measuring a person's behaviours or personality. The term 'free psychometric test' is all too commonly used to describe these quizzes, creating a misconception of what you should expect from a true psychometric test.

Free online psychometric tests will rarely be offered by trusted assessment providers, so tread carefully when signing up with a company offering you free tests. By offering unreliable tests to candidates, colleagues or friends, you could be leading them to believe a false misconception about what they are like.

Psychometric tests come in all different shapes and sizes, which can make it hard to distinguish the good from the bad. Be sure you look out for test credentials to see the reliability of the assessment you are looking to complete. At Thomas, our behavioural assessment (PPA) and emotional intelligence assessment (TEIQue) are registered with the British Psychological Society (BPS) which means they meet the technical criteria required for a psychometric test. It's the role of the BPS to ensure they regulate test publishers in the industry, so following their advice will help you to be sure the test you’re looking at is legitimate.

Although trusted providers rarely offer free online psychometric tests as part of their services, you will often find free trials available to help you to make a more informed decisions about what test you would like to use. Trialling an online psychometric test will give you more certainty that the test is robust and accurate and can help you to compare different test providers and their offerings.

We understand the importance of choosing the right tool to help with your people decisions, which is why we offer our PPA psychometric test free as a trial. This online psychometric test can be completed in 8 minutes and will allow you to experience what your people will undertake if they are to complete the assessment.

Why not trial a psychometric test free with us today? Take our PPA assessment here.