aptitude testing

Adding certainty to your people decisions

Aptitude tests give you an accurate insight into a person’s mental horsepower. Whilst CVs and qualifications provide you with a benchmark for a person’s academic or intellectual achievements, aptitude tests give you an indication of the person’s potential and their ability to cope with change.

Businesses use aptitude testing to gain a greater level of certainty in their recruitment decisions, and add focus to their development programmes and staff retention initiatives. And they use them to identify and fast track potential leaders.

Thomas’ aptitude test, GIA, gives you clear answers to the questions that you would otherwise leave to ‘gut feel’:
  • Can this person think on their feet?
  • Could I fast track this person?
  • Could we use this person to drive change?
  • Can they cope with the mental demands of the job?
  • Is this person a problem solver?
  • To what extent can we develop this person using training?
  • Is this person sufficiently challenged?
  • Do they have the capacity to handle greater mental demands in their role?

Use Thomas GIA, our aptitude test, to recruit the people who can hit the ground running in a new role; understand how to improve morale and engagement to drive down staff turnover, pinpoint who is ready for development and in precisely which areas; and identify your future leaders.

Call us on 01628 475 366 or email info@thomas.co.uk to discuss how Thomas’ assessments can help you to add a high level of certainty to your people decisions.
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“Using Thomas GIA, our new recruits hit the ground running and start selling more quickly.”

Sarah Benson, Yell
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Martyn Noble

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