how to complete a GIA assessment


How to complete Thomas GIA

Thomas GIA is an aptitude and ability test, which measures fluid intelligence and development potential.

This is a timed test that is administered through the Thomas website. It comprises 5 individual sets of questions that are designed to measure fluid and crystalised intelligence and so give an indication of your likely response to training.

GIA consists of a series of tests including reasoning, perceptual speed, number speed and accuracy, spatial visualisation and word meaning.

The test measures a combination of speed and accuracy.

Your responses are compared with the scores of a sample of the UK population and the result given in the form of 'percentile position'. e.g. if your score is in the 75th percentile, you have done better than 75% of the sample population.

In order to provide full information on GIA, there is a pre-test booklet. This booklet contains examples of the items contained in the test and the opportunity to practise.

View a sample GIA report.

GIA Pre-Test

Download the Example Booklet.
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